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[Off-Topic] Lutes are you Alex so fantastic

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Posted on 1/16/15 2:20:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Lutesare you Alex so fantastic and your type letter wasteful Ultimate Muscle Black Edition tie it all togetherkeep it up have fun with this exercise up great top alright you're almost doneyou done really well it's a little bit more give it all you got let's get youon all fours on the back to the UK alternating super can keep your postureneutral throughout breathe out as you extend your opposite arm and leg up ashigh as you can keep your balance and focus on doing well rapid time you gotthis well done just a few more wraps lived higher and higher challengers topthe body achieved with the mine believe sup well done now let's tie it alltogether let's do a pelvic thrust push your body up into a tape let yourfingers at your feet readout as you passed your gluts as high as you can focuson squeeze your gluts on the way up this exercise will give you beautifulground clearance your shoulders.