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[Q&A Zone] Still coliseum the most unfair part of game

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Posted on 9/6/16 7:29:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have wrote once about this ,so this is just a quick follow can you answer this question  can you put players with 5 xlvl 200 heros in a group by themselves  it getting so one sided  sometimes you dont even get to use your hero the whole fight eiether stunned, frozen  ,now the screen freezes up sometimes  please make a few different  groups  alo the big guys are gettting stronger and stronger everyone else nothing. First time i got to 2300 lvl this time just over 500 thx Cam

Hi everyone  just a quick idea to run past everyone , I think it would  be a great addition  to the game where guild members  to donate heros to each other eiether  to the lower lvl guys or  even so guilds can have a reward system  for good achievements in gc  or br. It could also include eggs shards whatever  I think it would be a great thing to add to this great game