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Because it's still Valentine's Day somewhere...and why not?

This year we want to know who your crush is.There's no shortage of heroes or troops in-game to crush on or admire, so let us know who you'd spend the day with and why!

Include your Character info with your reply on the comment section below.

We will pick 50 players randomly to win 214 Jewels!

Event Duration: 2.15-18 (23:59)

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<3 I'll spent the rest of my life with the most caring hero at my base who is fond of my Gold and potions and would strive with me in battle to gain all the gold for our selfs. Rabin Hood, she is my true Valentin <3  With her and her Niffler army and my good strategy we'll be rich for all life time. Our bond with each other will burst in wealth and richest.

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Edited by (82282063) at 2-16-2014 06:46 AM let's get down to business and assess the men (or well just does not extend to some of them) of CoL.....and find who is the most suitable bachelor:

First contender is Mr. Minotaur....
Well everyone wants a lover that's a bit of a beast...but wow check this fella out all beast and no man...besides the hair which well quite frankly is a turn off, nobody really likes getting crushed or gored on their first romantic night together...there is of course the star aspect (apparently he's got his face on some game....sure, sure love whatever you say) sadly no Mr. Minotaur isn't a likely contender...

Up next the older gentlemen....Nick and the Wizard..
Well adding a magic spark to your relationship does sounds like fun.....this pint sized magic maker just isn't for me I'm sure he can handle his wand deftly in battle but the facial hair is a major detractive feature......just because Gandalf was popular does not mean he's welcome in my arms.....With Nick it's a similar story....a naughty Santa is always a bit of fun but all year sorry love I'm just not ready for matter how heart warming your personality is...

And next...who do we have? Ah yes Frosty....
Well there are a few issues with this little sweetheart.....for one he brings new meaning to the saying 'you're as cold as ice'...and I'm just not willing to freeze for a relationship....Every girl wants passion and a spark, curling up with your darling in front of an open fire place....I can see this all ending in a tragedy well....a puddle in fact.. and where on earth will he put his lollipop I shudder to think...So no, frostbite isn't really an attractive idea and certainly not permitting to the fire and passion of a relationship...

Here we have two very special candidates....Dragon and bomber...
Well Dragon is short and simple....I've been burnt steering clear of all fire breathing beasts...because well I'm sure we can all agree that would just end badly..
Now explosive lover is an amazing find but truly unless I was interested in being blown apart....I'd give this one a miss, wouldn't you? I'm sure he'd swear he'd control himself but they all say that....and we all know better..

Here we go another earth shattering love......Bolt Blaster..
With this fella there is just that wonderful hint of mystery....what lies behind the he devilishly handsome or brutally scarred from his years of fighting...what trust it would show being able to unmask this strong brilliant man....however there is clearly a few drawbacks....he's always got his hands full...truly not something you want in a good relationship unless the hands are well full of you...and well he does not seem in the best of shape...nor does he have decent footwear (or any for that matter)....but love is blind and mystery frequently overwhelms the shallow ideals of physic......he is clearly a runner in this short race..

Badbone and Destroyer are up next..
Now I'm all up for a bit of Macabre humour and passion.....but Badbone takes this to the much as I'm intrigued by ghoulish ideas...making out with a skull just isn't my idea of fun....cold bone just does not have the same feel as the warm soft skin of a throw me a bone, warmth not the cold embrace of death is what make passion...and of course you'd never be able to have a dog in the house.....

Now here's a prickly's a gal meant to embrace her love when there is no convenient entry to the fortress he carries with himself and fancy poking an eye out with his helmet.....imagine giving him a would take hours...not to mention surely those wings would get in the should have wings but not the lover...

Now what can I say about these tiny heroes.......well they need a dental plan...and besides that a safer occupation...I'm yet to see one return from a raid...well at least if the romance burns hot he'll be gone before it turns to mere embers...

And last but certainly not least Paladin...
Well this stallion is certainly rearing to go and can sure take a hit....and once that Macabre mask is pulled away he is rather handsome......he selflessly sacrifices himself in order to preserve others...what could be more noble....and a brilliant physique to top it all off...If he throws as much passion into relationships as he does with raids.....count me in and sign me up.

Well I'd have to say Paladin would be my choice....a long burning hot romance with him wouldn't be off the cards for sure....just that right mix of Macabre and handsome...he can hang his axe next to my bed anyday.xx

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