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[Event] An IGG Christmas Entry WOD

[Copy link] 3/784

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How To Participate:  
1. Post Entry then Copy or Retype the hide code & paste in reply box.
2. Paste your Gaming info, links & answer where indicated
3. Check entry to make sure all information is included
4. Click reply.....Done
COPY COMPLETE CODE:                                       
1. [hide=10000]
Forum Name: (CC, COL, BT, WOD, Kabam)_First Lady 2013__________,
IGN / Character Name:_(s32)Zalagain___________________,
IGG ID# Here:_____32683341___________________,
FBID (fb platform only)_________________,
Server ( Android, IOS, Facebook, etc ):_____ IOS______________,
Unscrambled word:_______[/hide]__________,
Copy the Code

Posted on 12/25/14 10:56:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only ... 3055&extra=page%3D1

you need to post there if u wann win

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