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[Guides] Hero Update Guide

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With a new update, brings new things, and one of those things are heroes. This guide will teach you everything from building your first Heroes Hall, to knowing how to upgrade every component of your hero.
So lets get started.

First, you need to get a Heroes Hall.

This can be done by going to the Shop in the bottom right-corner of your in-game screen.
Next, you'll have to go into the Military sub-shop.

After you're in the Military sub-shop, it will be the first available building. Each one will cost you 1,000 gold to build, with a maximum of five Heroes Halls available.

Now that you have your Heroes Hall, you can start getting heroes! When selecting the Heroes Hall, you will have three options. The first option is "Info", this will simply give you a description of what the Heroes Hall can do. Your second option is "Select Hero". This is what we will be looking at first.

Through the "Select Hero" button, you will have the option to place a hero onto that specific Heroes Hall. All you'll have to do is press the hero of your choosing once the pop-up menu is placed.

Now you're probably thinking, "But Assassin, you haven't told us how to get a hero yet.". Well, don't worry, because that is the next part of this guide.

Now that we know how to place a hero onto the Heroes Hall once we get one, we can look into the third option of the Heroes Hall, "Train".

The "Train" option is where you will be doing all of the upgrading, and recruiting of your heroes and their skills. When you press "Train", you will get a pop-up screen that looks like this:

You're probably wondering why the "See More" button is circled. That's because that's what we'll be going through first. In the "See More" option, you will be able to see all of the available heroes and EXP/Skill cards.
Normal heroes are the "worst" heros, while Epic heroes are the "best" heroes but...they are also the hardest heroes to acquire.

There are five main heroes. These are:
- Paladin (A melle tank that will be able to take a lot of damage)
- Bolt Blaster (A long-range cannon shooter)
- Destroyer (A melle target who can do aoe damage)
- Aurora (A long-range lightning mage who's skill hits multiple targets)
- Sunu (A mage with the ability to heal your allies)

These five heroes are available through Normal, Good, Rare, and Epic. With their stats increasing with each higher tier. Now, there is a sixth hero. This hero is only available through the Epic tier and you can only obtain him after purchasing 250,000 gems. It is called, "Dragonair". It is a warrior riding a dragon so it does not need to worry about walls or any ground type defences.

There are also Special "heroes" listed. These are EXP cards, and Skill cards. They are also available in the Normal to Epic tiers. The higher the tier, the more EXP they will give. If you are wondering how much EXP each one gives, you can press the little blue "?" on top of the heroes/Special items.

We'll get into Special items in further detail a little bit later.

Now that we've had a look at every hero and item you can get by Recruiting, lets go back to the main menu and find out how we can get one of them. You can start acquiring heroes and special items by pressing the "Recruit" button.

After pressing the "Recruit" button, you will have three more buttons.

The Free button will give you a free hero, but it also has the highest chance of giving you a Normal hero. Every two hours, you will get another free chance for a maximum of twelve free chances.

The next button is for 200 gems. This option gives you a higher chance at acquiring Epic heroes.

While the last button is for 550 gems. This option is the same as the 200 gem option, but instead of getting one hero, you will get three heroes while "saving" 50 gems.

After you've hired a hero, you can go back to the Main screen. From there, you can select a hero that you wish to upgrade the Skill, Passive Skill, or Level of.

After selecting the hero, you will get another pop-up screen. This screen holds all of the stats of that particular hero.
To level up your hero, you will need to press the button that looks like a helmet with a green arrow in the top-left corner of the screen.

After pressing that button, you will be able to "sacrifice" other heroes or EXP Cards towards your hero's level. Each level will require a certain amount of EXP. Higher tier heroes will provide more EXP towards leveling your hero. To "sacrifice" one of your heroes, or EXP Cards towards the level of another, you will press the hero you wish to "sacrifice", then press the Helmet with the green arrow button at the bottom, underneath the hero stats.

Now lets look at how to upgrade your hero's skill. So we'll go back to the previous pop-up screen, and press the button that looks like a Fist with a green arrow.

This will bring you to another screen with the ability to do almost the same thing as sacrificing towards your hero's level. But instead, we'll be sacrificing towards your hero's skill. So again, select a hero or Skill Card, as that EXP Cards, will not work for Skill levels. Then press the button that looks like a Fist with a green arrow.

Each level will require a specific amount of EXP, and each higher level will provide added stats to that hero's specific skill.

Now that we know how to upgrade the Level, and the Skills of our heroes. Lets look at how to upgrade their Passive Skills. First, we'll need to go back to the previous screen.

Your Passive Skills will be listed underneath your regular Skill. If you press one of them, you will get a smaller pop-up box with information about what is needed for the upgrade, and what that upgrade will provide you. Each hero will start with a Passive Skill called, "Transgress". This skill will allow your hero to be upgraded past 20, 40, 60, 80 etc.

To upgrade your Passive Skills you will need some "Fire Blocks". These can be gained by doing raids in the "Lords League", or solo-missions.

To add more Passive Skills, you will need to press the green Add button to the right of your Passive Skills.

Each added Passive Skill will cost you gems. As you add more, the gem cost will increase.

Now that you know how to get your own heroes, how to level your Heroes, how to level their Skills, and how to upgrade/get more Passive Skills. Get out there and start conquering!

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i not understand the hero system.

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easy keep all high hp buildings centered or heros will prox like mad especiall auroa man that girl is a beast even 4star sadly its dc once in a while :p also bring wizards to destroy the enemys heros archers dont do the job

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Nice guild:)

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(83688057) replied at 11-12-2013 07:54 PM
what are fire coins for?

Read the guide all the way through and it will tell you. :P

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Nice guild

Kind of, I'd already worked out most of it. I'm a quick learner and a bit of a nerd:P

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So this game is going RPG for NPC heroes? A twist I was not expecting...kinda reminds me oif another game called excalibur.