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[Guides] Farming Attack Strategy (TH6)

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Posted on 9/20/13 5:20:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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So after a few attemps at different strategies I appear to have stumbled upon a relatively cheap army ready in 22 mins to farm resources; whilst still (in most cases) gaining at least one star. Here's the breakdown of my army:

Troop Capacity: 150. Troop Level: 3
Barbarians: 29
Archers: 90
Minotaurs: 5
Bombers: 6

I am currently replacing 9 Barbarains with Nifflers to see if this makes a difference.

Finding the right base to attack is pretty crucial. You should obviously avoid large well defended bases: try to aim at bases around your level or lower. The base your after needs to have:

-large amount of available resources
-these resources should be in the mines. To judge whether this is the case I take a close look at the resource holders. Are they full or low? If they are low then it is likely that the resources have not been collected from mines. I also look at the mines themselves; have the animations stopped? If they have it is possible that they have reached their capacity (or the game is just glitchy).
-a small, tightly packed base with mines and other buildings around the edge, outside the main walls.

Once I have found the 'perfect' base I then deploy my troops in a certain order. I target my Minotaur's at the mortars and then send in the Bombers in to break the walls to let them in. The job of the Minotaur's is to be a distraction; they soak the damage whilst the other troops do their job. You then want to quickly deploy the Barbarians in a circle around the edge of the base. These guys are there to also soak a bit of damage and at the same time deal a little damage. Now the Archers need to be deployed in the same way as the Barbarians. Archers are ranged so use this to your advantage. Put them in a larger, circlular line around the whole base. Keep doing this until none are left. They should, at the point of deployment, be preferably outside the range of most defences. If you have included Nifflers deploy them last. Once all the troops are deployed sit back and enjoy the show.

It is very important that troops are deployed strategically and in the right order. Taylor the deployment slightly for different bases but stick to the outline above. Also be patient enough to find the right base. Seriously the right base makes or breaks whether you succeed or not.

Happy hunting!

Posted on 9/20/13 7:13:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice guide! I was tired of not being able to save resources so i dropped my trophies down to about 500-700 I always try to keep 20 boombers and 20 archers and rest nifflers (of of 180 capacity). I just blow a hole in the wall and unleash the nifflers. The MINIMUM that I get is 100,000 of each resource. Average if about 200,000ish.
I Dont really care about loosing trophies and will accept 200k gold for -20. If i drop below 450 then just do a few raids with minotaurs and back in the sweet spot.

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alexcohol replied at 9-21-2013 12:13 AM
Nice guide! I was tired of not being able to save resources so i dropped my trophies down to about 5 ...

Thanks :) Yeah I dropped my trophies down for a while because I was having the same issues. I was still coming across some tough bases though (high level guys with the same idea) so I collected what I needed and started to get my trophies back to where they were. I usually used Minotaur's backed by a healer and some archers/brutes but it was such a hit and miss strategy. Sometimes I'd devastate the whole base and sometimes I wouldn't even get into the base! This army seems to net me a good amount of resources and a almost guaranteed star every time. I've netted a decent amount of resources and over 100 trophies in one day :)

Posted on 9/22/13 11:55:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for this guide, ill test it out :)

Posted on 9/23/13 11:23:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

FuzionDroid replied at 9-23-2013 04:55 AM
Thanks for this guide, ill test it out

Let me know if it works for you! I've upgraded my Town Hall and I'm now trophy hunting so I'm swinging with wizards and pixies atm can't wait to get dragons :D

Posted on 2/19/14 12:18:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

are you currently in a guild?