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[News] Merge Server Announcement

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Posted on 8/25/20 9:54:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Greetings Lords!

We know you love Clash of Lords 2, and that's why we're pleased to announce that Clash of Lords 2 (AMZ-EN Version) servers will be merging with the Clash of Lords (AND-EN1 Version) servers at 00:30 - 04:30, on Aug 26th (GMT-5). The servers will be down for approximately 4 hours. Please note that all in-game mails will be deleted after the merger! Remember to claim all rewards before the merger to avoid unnecessary losses! After the merger is complete, you will meet new friends, and have even more fun in Clash of Lords 2!

Merger Details:

1. All COL2-AMZ-EN version data will be merged with the COL-AND-EN1 version.

2. Except Rankings (Lords League ranking, Guild ranking, etc.), data will not change. Normal gameplay will not be affected.

3. All linked account information will remain the same, and you’ll be able to log in normally with your client. Also note that you will be able to access your account using either version’s client with your Facebook account. However, if you have accounts on both versions, and both are linked to the same Facebook account, the higher Level account will be accessed when you attempt to log in with your Facebook account. Kindly contact customer service to change the Facebook linkage of the other account if you wish to access it.

4. Unfortunately, your Friend list will be wiped. We suggest taking a screenshot of your Friend list before the merger occurs. You’ll be able to add them again after the merger.