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[News] Clash of Lords AND-EN Update (Apr 22nd ) [Version 1.0.457]

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Posted on 4/21/20 9:27:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Aye Lords! We'll be updating Clash of Lords on Apr 22nd (Server Time). The game will be down for maintenance at around 00:30am and for 3 hours. Please note that several features won't be available until the latest update launches. Update Clash of Lords and we'll send 300 Jewels to your in-game mailbox for free! Happy clashing!

New Features:
1. Guild Practice Battles
   1) Guilds can now run Guild practice battles.
   2) Formations can be used. Max of 10 practice runs daily.
2. New Hero Costumes:
    Arcane Caster: Arcane Pharaoh
    Great Sage: Metal Sage

Optimization and Balance:
1.Lordlympia Games
A)Match-ups in Lordlympia Summit and Lordlympia Warriors are now determined by the Lordlympia Ascent rankings. For more details, check Help in-game.
B)Seeded Guilds can choose to participate in Lordlympia Ascent. Their results in the Ascent will not affect their qualifications for the Summit.
C)Seeded Guilds that choose to participate in Lordlympia Ascent will have their Summit match-ups determined by the Ascent rankings.
2. Increased the level cap of Upgrade Skills (Enchant UI).
3. Various bug fixes.

Note: Players who do not update to the latest version might face issues with Upgrade Skills (Enchant UI).