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[News] Clash of Lords AND-EN Update (Apr 11th) [Version 1.0.414]

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Posted on 4/10/18 10:33:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Aye Lords! We'll be updating Clash of Lords on Apr 11th EST (GMT-5). The game will be down for maintenance at around 03:00am and for 4 hours. Please note that several features won't be available until the latest update launches. Update Clash of Lords 2 and we'll send 500 Jewels to your in-game mailbox for free! Happy clashing!

Version 1.0.414 Updates:
New Features:
1.Mason Master Weekly Event
 1)Added Mason Master Statue.
 2)Added Mason Master Ranking.
 3)Guild Members who contribute to their Guild Base will be awarded points and ranked accordingly.Enlightenment unlocked for Ironclad and Demon Slayer.
3.Added new Upgrade Skills (Enchant UI) for Ironclad and Glory Priestess.
4.Added Level 4 Upgrade Skills (Enchant UI).

Optimization and balance:
1.Reduced the general difficulty of Clear Rubble in the Guild Base.
2.Increased chances of Guild Ore appearing in the Guild Shop.
3.Miscellaneous Guild Base optimization.

1.Reduced damage taken by the Shrine (Coliseum) and Bastion (Battle Square) if you still have Heroes alive

Download link:

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