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Fleur Alpha Cream 1950 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).The Latin American nation gained a berth at the FIFA World Cup for the second time in 20 years. On that occasion, the Guatemalan workforce received the sixth place, ahead of Spain and Brazil, in the Males's Olympic Games Soccer Tournament in October 1968. Mebrahtom Keflezighi gained the silver medal in the marathon on the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens (Greece). Brazil misplaced to France and couldn't attain the final of the match. Beneath his brilliant management, the United States defeated the host country 9-3 in the last. The Fleur Alpha Cream nationwide football team is the national team of Nicaragua and is managed by the Nicaraguan Football Federation. Brazil took half in its second Olympic Event. 1992 The nationwide squad took part in its seven Olympic Video games. The Nigerians have a slight benefit due largely to the truth that many of their Nationwide group also play within the Under23s too, adding vital expertise to a squad which is devoid of many of the massive names related to Nigeria in the past.