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[Discussion] Coliseum a free for all for the big guys

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Posted on 9/2/16 11:44:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The coliseum  is the most one sided part of this game and everyone is talking about it and all sayingcthe same thing  which is i dont want to play that its so unfair. How is it fair you constantly  get matched against  players with 5x lvl 200 hero with all lvl 150+ special weapons with all pices evo and maxed on every other thing as well.You should make a different  group for players with 5 x lvl 200 heros and let them fight off against  each other and not the other people. Its so unfair the  whole fight you eiether a swirly thing or the whole box where heros sits when fighting is black or white or frozen  or thr purple  stuff toxic put there you hardly do 1 single attack for all the whole 9 heros.Actually you maybe  should change the name from coliseum  to the big boys free booty only.With sup heading weaker dont bother playing it will stress you out and give you headache.COME ON IGG FIX THIS WE ALL WANT TO PLAY THIS NOT JUST BIG BOYS

Hi everyone  just a quick idea to run past everyone , I think it would  be a great addition  to the game where guild members  to donate heros to each other eiether  to the lower lvl guys or  even so guilds can have a reward system  for good achievements in gc  or br. It could also include eggs shards whatever  I think it would be a great thing to add to this great game