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[Discussion] Athletic teenage prisoners

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Posted on 2/17/15 2:23:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Athletic teenage prisoners the result were very balance equal in other words the blackface did not have the advantage anymore if the teenage prisoner played sports in high school he came inn matter what ethnicity were I was able to get them to fairly equal strength okay very equal mean the street difference between them and the muscle size difference between them was negligible you couldn't not look at them and say hello one guy was bigger and stronger than the other one in like that okay who imp there was Power Pro Supplement  a difference was not significant enough to warrant you saying that one ethnic group was bigger and stronger than the other one okay bun very consistent you know what I train 160 pound guy to squat you know for apparently was there you know although most guys on the aging eyes althea black guys white guys they will consistently do that right so there was not there’s no way that you could say that I could say from the anecdotal evidence you know from the field evidence I got to say that pay just $1 teenage ethnic you know black and white go hadn't the superior genetics okay and Mike me and after doing this forever a decade but guided done on me came IQ with the conclusion from my field research right that as long as you start raining before you finish puberty you have an opportunity to increase the quantity a strength fibers in the body not the the size the fibers but the quantity a five hours now there's a little our research in thee the strength and conditioning and athletic community that says that you cannot increased the quantity officers in your muscles a quantity of the strength five remember the stray fibers .