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[Discussion] Guild Clash rules from col2 forum!

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Clashers! here are the details you need to know before you start bashing other Guild's faces!!



Sign Up from Monday at 12:00 to Thursday at 11:59
1.       Only players with Lv 5+ Town Hall and Guild Hall may sign up!
2.       Guilds with less than 5 members signed up can't join Guild Clash!
3.       The more members in the Guild Clash, the better the prizes!
4.       Members who didn't successfully sign up for Guild Clash can't participate or claim rewards!
5.       You can check last season's information and claim rewards during the sign up period.
6.       Edit your formation from Thursday at 12:00 to Friday at 11:59.
7.       You must be at least an Elder to edit the Formation. You can edit the Formation if the Leader or Elders haven't signed up for Guild Clash.
8.       Only registered players can edit the Formation during Formation Time.
9.       Every Fort on the map will increase the ATK and HP of your formation. The nearer to the central Fort, the higher the increase in ATK and HP.
10.   If your central Fort is destroyed, ATK of all remaining Forts will decrease as well.
The Battle will run from Friday at 12:00 to Monday at 11:59.
1.       The Guild Clash will start off with four Guilds in a group for the group stage competition.
2.       Each Guild will take turns battling the other Guilds in the group with each round lasting for 24 hours.
3.       Each registered member will have three Attack Chances for each round.
4.       The attacking Guild will bring the Guild Chariot into battle. Every attack will decrease the total HP of the opponent's buildings until they are completely destroyed.
5.       The amount of points you win is based on the amount of DMG dealt to your enemies' buildings.
6.       When the battle ends, the Guild with the higher score will be declared as the winner.
7.       If it ends in a tie, the Guild that used less time will win.
Claim Your Rewards from Monday at 12:00 to Thursday at 11:59.
1.       The winning Guild will get 3 points while the losing Guild will only get 1.
2.       Your Guild's rank is determined by the number of points it has. If there are two Guilds with the same number of points, the winner the two guilds will be awarded the higher ranking.
3.       The higher your Guild is ranked, the better your rewards!
4.       You'll win Treasure Chests equal to the number of Guild Chests multiplied by your Participation Points.
5.       The more attacks you launch, the higher your Participation Points!
6.       You can claim your rewards during next round's sign up period.
7.       Claim your rewards before the end of registration or they'll be forfeited!

Most importantly, have fun and Clash on!

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wow I wanta new heroes

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nice scott

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So Parallax, where do we sign up friend, iv'e met all the rule standards but cant seem to sign up for guild clash :(

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1question how much chest we get if we lose all 3 fights? Or Win 2 fight? And Win. 1 fight.

i am Level 47 and Have 120 Pounder / Pan Goli 120/ Chirion 120/ Pyro pete 96/ Blitz bomber 92