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[Discussion] If we separate men probably and weeliminate

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Posted on 1/26/15 6:47:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ifwe separate men probably and weeliminate the a majority the carbohydrates andsugarsI never dies actually quite a simple thing once youknow what to do it'sactually quite Superior Muscle X simple and so it's a matter of just doing itremember educationis power education with action his superpower so cut the carbohydrateseliminate sugar supplement probably and guess what it'llhappen and the world iscrawling with worms fromthe soil to the water from the deep sea floor to theglaciers in Alaska their evenwriggling inside some a bust too many people wormsare simplyrepulsive ok getting a strange twist the slowlycreatures are turningout to be valuable allies all mankind the strength of the animalis itssimplicity worms have helped scientists are born ahumanities greatest puzzlesthe world contains the secret supply andthey're helping us combat parasiticdiseases that afflict over a billion peopleworldwide clearly we understandingmore about how thenuances two months by learning.