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[Discussion] Let's be real here..

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What a surprise, another monthly event and another hero (Pan Goli) gets an evo. First off, the monthly event is rediccc. To claim the entire package will costs you $1,500. In ONE month. Basically $400 a week including treaties. Not to mention whatever special daily events they hold. This game is so beyond unbelievable I can literally laugh in disgust at this point.. But onto the point of this post, the hero evos. You CAN NOT get any of these without spending a TON of money. First off, you need shards.. which either means you spend money on the monthly packages and/or daily events, or you need to do the 450 gem rolls and blow through gems/money until you get the hero you want and then harvest it for shards. (Good luck with that) Then we have rings, which surprise surprise, mainly come from hiring heroes and doing the lucky spin repeatedly (At least to get a substantial amount) or through -spending money - on daily events/monthly packages.. And lastly, and by far the most outrageous, you need the 'precious' mutagen. There is literally not a single way to obtain amounts large enough to be able to evolve your heroes without buying it with gems. The measly 10 here and 20 there from Battle Royale is nowhere near enough to do you any good. And the price of mutagen for gems is so unjustifiably high, there's not a single -normal everyday player- who can ever afford to get enough. Something has to give here. I know this forum is dead and this is basically a rant with no audience, but come on guys. IGG is making a joke out of this game. This game is a never ending, blood sucking, soul squeezing, money grabbing, waste of data on a mobile device. When is it going to stop? I cant imagine any of the heavy gemmers actually enjoy blowing 5 grand a month (at least). I have to believe that they feel like they have to do so in order to stay in the top spots and keep up with everything IGG is dumping into this game. Now don't get me wrong here, updates are cool, evos are cool, the events are cool. But the turnaround is too quick and the costs are too high. Its just too much money way too fast. And again, the fact that none of these new things are obtainable without spending massive amounts of money is beyond me. Just slow it down IGG. Its constantly new hero after new hero, new evo after new evo. IGG its time for you to take that massive stick out of your brown eye and open your eyes. We can not keep up with this bullsh!t. The game is (can't say beginning because it's been like this for a while) losing its fun and is becoming severely un-entertaining.. It's now just a hassle and a constant aggravation. It's pretty much like this everyday - (Open up the app) 'ohh look, new heroes and new evos.. awesome. Ohh and look at this over here, new events too.. Let me check these out. (Scrolls through) 'well looks like I'm never getting any of this because I have a life to live with bills and responsibilities to take care of so I just can't afford any of this =('.. Seriously IGG, you may see your pockets swelling up with money now as the players pockets become more and more filled with lint and less money, but I can guarantee you that eventually the limit will be reached and you will lose a majority of the supporters of this game. It's just a matter of time before people realise the con you guys are pulling here. So please IGG, slow it down and for once -LISTEN- to the players and take what we have to say to heart. Your game can not and will not continue to thrive if this is all you plan on doing for the rest of your run.

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You might be surprised to know I switched to Free Play over a month ago.  I only now have the monthly package of gems.  I figured out I do not need to spend gems in the arena to do really well in it. I do not need to spend gems in LL as I just pick the player at the bottom of the list and take my 1T.  I do not spend gems on anything anymore.  I have tired of the buy this, buy more, buy that I keep seeing.

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Well I think it is safe to say, if you truly did stop spending a month or so ago, you had PLENTY of resources left before you decided to go to free play. Your heroes are insane lol .. No way to get those that high without having a massive stash of gems to use. But for the rest of us everyday players, things like that just aren't feasible. It is literally impossible to get heroes that well evolved playing for free.

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problem is you still look at this as if it was a game its not igg has successfully figured out how to introduce gambling to children thats the reason why so many adults play this(if u disagree all i can say is every update is to introduce new promotions or heros how often do we get gameplay improvement? for those that say evolution was a gameplay improvement please that crap was not added for gameplay. just look at every changelog its always new hero this new promotion then minor bug fixes. wtf was fixed that anyone has noticed really? and why dont we get any details on it? why is it always just "minor bug fixes" just think about it) its feeding to the gambling addiction people already have or dont even know that they have. i mean anything that u do where your paying money and its not a forsure your gona get the good stuff is gambling and its not even fair cause its insanely rigged. just look at treasure hunt for example almost everytime its coral exp occationally 100 gems rarely 50 shards and sometimmes 500k gold and if u land on extra hunt its 90% sure ur just gona get 50 mutagen im F2P so when i saw the requirements for evo im not even making it a goal cause evo was introduced strictly for the p2pers pan goli isnt easy to roll if they wanted to somewhat cater to F2P we wouldnt need so many fkn shards for it i mean just make it easier on yourself if your F2P and u know it then just dont go for the unnattainable crap if u stilll play a year down the line then you might be able to get halfway there but by then they'll introduce something new that'll trump that. for games it'd really be nice to be able to get to a relaxable state where we finally accumulate the top things but its clear igg's agenda is to just oversaturate crap till people finally get sick of it and quit then theyll just have it on the side and release a new game and do the same from there anyone spending money on this game thinking your gona get to a end game your kidding yourself this game to be at the top will require u to constantly spend if u take a break on it youll become weak and have to spend to get back up again if igg keeps going with this new hero every update crap i think this game will die soon cause man people can only take so much before they just go forget it i give up