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[Discussion] Clash of Lords after the update - frustration and frustration

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Hi everyone,

I made this account only to been able to receive some explanation from the developer of this game regarding the following:

From the halloween update some few things are changed and now the game is becoming the most frustrating game ever, pushing me (but not only me) to move from being a player wich spend money in a gamer which most probably will cancel this game and give you all the bad review I can.

First of all, why now in any stage, no matter if arena or raid, there's like DOZENS of heroes, becoming almost impossible to understand which one is the real one and which is only a ghost, I really cannot get what is the purpose of this and if is planned to be solved in the next future.

But the real struggle is that there's absolutely no system to let you face player which you can actually fight. Before the update I was spending around 3/4 even 5 hours a day on the game, but after all I was able to make at least 10 raid of 3 stars and some matches in the arena, which give me the possibility to let my village and heroes grow.

Now the system propose me only player wich are way bigger than me, and is becoming hours and hours of  pure frustration only to reach the end of the day without any result. This also mean that the gap between who didn't subscribe from the very first day is increasing and increasing every day.

How the "Tuck" is this possible? You need to put a system which check your level and propose you other player in the same range, cannot be possible to have 5 heroes between 60 and 70 and not been able to make A SINGLE 3 STARS RAID in a "Tucking" whole day! Keep facing player around lvl 50/60 with heroes easily above 100!

I'm really expecting some answers. With all the money we give to this company, I think we all deserve a competitive environment. A game is first of all a way to have fun, and not a way to become full of rage.


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