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[Discussion] Dietary supplement industry attracts scam artists

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Posted on 10/10/14 6:08:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You had it some is a very different mechanism it'sa very it's an it's a very different compounds and people that uh... acrimonyto milk according to this study doing well in fact is that even so don’tbelieve it or not if these people recover from their food allergies now youknow would never recommend getting some of that and practicality to melt uh...not urn_ even you never know something about the supervision of your doctor butit's a very intriguing and done everything last seen in the research openedanecdotal reports from many parents uh... shell in that mother is Christine islike a scene patenting very different and therefore not a problem for peoplethat have other types of milk intolerance isn't allergies second internet way andyesterday’s bee family should have seen the comments faction amount to um...two sources for camel snout and my name source actually act in this articlecame out after uh... uh... that Tina Camelot group andclinton uh... startedgetting really popular I couldn't even get since not for myself anymore uh...and southern the resource that.
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